SSI Training Area Safety Checklist
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A – Occupy the Training Area

Is an OIC/RSO appointed and present (minimum of OIC of SGT for training areas where only blanks are being used, and OIC of SSG and RSO of SGT for training areas using grenade simulators)? REF: DA PAM 385-63, Table 1-1; Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para 2-8 a
Has the unit occupied the training area in accordance with the range regulation and do they have radio communication with Range Control? REF: TRADOC Reg 385-2, para 6-2d (6)(b); Fort Jackson Reg 350-1, para 5-1)
Is there a Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet (DRAW) present that includes all the hazards to which the unit is exposed and is it signed by the appropriate person? REF: TRADOC Reg 385-2, 1-5d (4); Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para 1-4
Are the appropriate medical personnel present for the training being conducted? (CLS for most field training (1 to 60 ratio for CLS), except Night Land Navigation and Obstacle/Confidence Course, where Medic and Ambulance is required) REF: TRADOC Reg 350-6, Table H-1 and Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para 5-8
Is an evacuation vehicle present, with a licensed driver that isn’t also the medic/CLS? REF: TRADOC Reg 385-2, 11-4b; Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para 5-8
Do Commanders/Commandants have a severe weather/lightning protection plan on hand for each field training site/range, and do leaders understand how to implement it? REF: TRADOC Reg 385-2, para 1-6, Fort Jackson Reg 350-1, Ch 5-7, FJ Reg 350-14 chapter 5-2
Are potable water, ice, and supplemental beverages available on site, and are leaders ensuring Soldiers stay hydrated? REF: TRADOC Reg 350-29, para 1-3d(2) and f(9)1-9 (e-4)
Does the unit have equipment on site to prevent and deal with hot/cold weather injuries (i.e. iced sheets and/or arm immersion cooling systems for hot weather and warming tents, hot beverages for cold weather)? REF: TRADOC Reg 350-6, App H-10b(6); TRADOC Reg 350-29, para 1-3f
Are hand washing devices/stations on site and are leaders ensuring Soldiers are using them?REF: TRADOC Reg 350-6, para 3-15d(4); TC 4-02.3, para 2-12
During road marches, are units ensuring a Non-Standard Evacuation (NSE) vehicle is present, with cooling/warming fluids available? REF: TRADOC Reg 350-6, App H-1, Table H-1
During road marches/foot marches, does the unit use 2 government owned vehicle road guard blocks to provide safe crossing of roads? FJ Regulation 385-10 Chapter 13-11
Has the unit gained approval by submitting the Foot March Overlay and Risk Assessment to DPTMS for foot marches in the Garrison or Range Control for Foot Marches in Training Areas? FJ Reg 350-1 Ch 7-15a
During Foot Marches, does the unit maintain CLS bags and means of communication at a rate of no less than one per platoon? FJ Reg 350-1 Ch 7-15 a-8
During Foot Marches, does the unit notify Range Operations when it departs the Start Point (SP), arrives at check points (CP), and upon reaching the designated release point (RP)? FJ Reg 350-1 Ch 2-2, 3-i

B – Ammunition and Explosives

Is issued/unissued ammunition placed at a designated field ASP, with two 10 pound ABC fire extinguishers? REF: AR 190-11, para 2-5; Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para g-1 & h-6
Are ammunition storage and handling points at least 200 feet from troop concentrations (must be 100 feet from sleeping area for small arms and 200 feet for simulators)? REF: DA PAM 385-64, table 10-2.
Is ammunition stored on a pallet, covered and protected from the elements and is there air circulation between ammunition containers? REF: DA PAM 385-64, para 3-3, FJ Reg 385-64
Do leaders ensure blank ammunition is not fired toward personnel within 5 meters of the weapon (6 on Fort Lee)? REF: DA PAM 385-63 2-10d(1); (A NO answer on this question is an automatic overall UNSATISFACTORY)
Do leaders ensure safe weapon and ammunition handling practices are adhered to, including muzzle awareness, ensuring weapons are clear, and ensuring the correct ammunition is being used?REF: AR 385-63, para 2-10d and STP 21-1-SMCT (A NO answer on "correct ammunition" part of this question is an automatic overall UNSATISFACTORY)
Have leaders conducted a shakedown to ensure no ammunition or explosives remain in the hands of any individual leaving the training area? REF: Fort Jackson Reg 350-1, Ch 6-16, para p
Are working fire extinguishers present where simulators are being used, or explosives or ammunition is present (need at least two when explosives are being handled)? REF: DA PAM 385-64, para 6-10, FJ Reg 385-64 6-b
Are pyrotechnics and simulators used by at least a Sergeant or above and have they been approved by Range Control on the day of use? REF: DA PAM 385-63, Table 1-1; Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para 6-2
Are pyrotechnics and simulators used at safe distance from personnel and not thrown over Soldier's heads (35 meters for M115A2 Artillery Simulator, 15 meters for all others)? REF: TM 9-1370-207-10, Section 3; Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para 6-2 (A NO answer on this question is an automatic overall
Are units ensuring smoke grenades are not used within 200 meters of paved roads or inhabited buildings or within 1000 meters of the installation boundary and are road guards used if smoke is used near roads? Has the thrower ensured he/she is at least 10 meters away? REF: DA PAM 385-63, para 5-1c(2); Fort Jackson Reg 350-14, para 6-2

C – General

Are units ensuring motor vehicle operators are provided at least 8 consecutive hours of rest during a 24-hour period and that operators do not drive more than 10 hours in a duty period (Including rest and meal breaks)? REF: AR 385-10, para 11-4b(1), FJ Reg 30-1 Ch 7-15
Are ground guides use when vehicles are backed up or when moving in assembly areas or motor pools? REF: AR 385-10, para 11-4h; TC 21-305-20, para 3-15
Are units ensuring only licensed operators are operating equipment; Gators, Stoves, and Generators? AR 600-55 4-2 (b-4)
Does the unit monitor the conditions of heat and cold on the training site? REF: TRADOC Reg 350-6, App H-10b(2); TRADOC Reg 350-29, para 1-3f(6) Fort Jackson Reg 385-10 Ch 13-10
Is the unit operating in accordance with the signed DRAW? REF: TRADOC Reg 385-2, 1-5d(4); Fort Jackson Reg 350-1, para 5-18
Does the OIC monitor the radio; ensuring it is on at all times, and answering/acknowledging all hourly radio checks with Range Control? REF: AR 350-19, paragraph 4-9; TRADOC 385-2 para 6-2; FJ Reg 350-14 para 5-1
If the unit is using a water buffalo, has an initial test been performed by Preventative Medicine, and is daily testing being done by the unit field sanitation team and recorded on DA Form 5457? REF: TB Med 577, para 16-2
Is the area free of hazards not previously listed?
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