The Soldier Support Institute (SSI) and the Adjutant General School (AGS) are committed to providing you high quality training. This end-of-course survey provides you an opportunity to express your opinion of this course and the way it was taught. It is your opportunity to express how this course directly affected your learning.  Results of this survey will be used by the SSI and the AGS Leadership to analyze the instructor’s effectiveness in the classroom and the quality of the courseware, as well as the overall effectiveness of the course. Your comments are anonymous and cannot affect your grade.

This survey will take ten to fifteen minutes. Read each statement and choose the best response from the choices given. As you read each statement, try to focus on the entire course and not just on recent or isolated events.

Thank you for taking time to give us your candid opinions. They are very important to us in our efforts to improve the Soldier Support Institute and the training provided to Soldiers.

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