SSI Range Safety Checklist
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2. There is a designated RSO present and isn’t tasked to perform any other duty and is proper grade for range. DA PAM 385-63, paragraph 1-9 (g-2) and Table 1-1.
The Range OIC/RSO has completed the range safety certification program? DA PAM 385-63, paragraph 1-5, TRADOC 385-2, para 6-2(d-6)
The Range OIC monitors the radio; ensuring it is on at all times, answering/ acknowledging all hourly radio checks with Range Control? AR 350-19, paragraph 4-9, TRADOC 385-2 para 6-2
Scarlet danger flags supplemented by blinking red lights at night or during reduced visibility will be displayed from a prominent point, normally at the range entrance. DA Pam 385-63, paragraph 2-2
Are certified medical personnel (ranges) or CLS (TAs) present with a 9-Line MEDEVAC requires, strip maps from TA/Range to Hospital, maps to LZs, and a covered, dedicated Patient Transport Vehicle (with dedicated driver and litter)? AR 350-19, 4-3 & 4-9, TRADOC 350-6, ATP 4-02.2
All personnel on firing line are wearing eye protection. DA PAM 385-63, paragraph 2-11c
All personnel on firing line are wearing ear protection. DA PAM 385-63, paragraph 2-11b
Appropriate number of Safeties (paddle wavers)
The unit knows how to deploy fire assets on the range? TB 43-0250 pg 23
Monitors conditions of heat and cold, implements injury prevention controls?  TRADOC 350-29 paragraph 1-3 (f-6)
Ensures potable drinking water, ice supplemental beverages are available to Soldiers?  TRADOC 350-29 paragraph 1-3(d-2)
RSO verification that required communication have been established and that a “hot status” has been received from range control?  AR 385-63, paragraph 1-9 (h-2c)
Unit is using proper weapons clearing device and is following correct procedures for clearing personnel off the range? TC 7-9 A-4 c-1
Ammunition and weapons are handled and stored properly at all times? DA PAM 385-63, paragraph 1-9 (g-1.j), TRADOC 385-2, para 7-2, TB 43-0250
Risk Management Matrix published for this exercise? AR 385-63, paragraph-9 (e-4)
Ensures all ammunition malfunctions and accidents are reported to range control in accordance with AR 75–1 and DA Pam 385–40.
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